201 Pouch Pack-SF Vertical L Bar Sealer

The Model 201PP packager is a small footprint size like the Model 201 however the “PP” pouch pack version has a different sealing arrangement. The horizontal seal bar is below the vertical seal allowing for ease in running multiple loose items. The items are fed to the packager via an infeed chute that can be hand loaded or automatically fed from an upstream system. The Model 201PP packager is ideal for kit packaging of multiple items in up to an 8″ x 10″ package size. Built for quality production, the Model 201PP provides optional features to enhance the speed and ability of the Model 201-PP. An easy open perforator and a small bucket horizontal conveyor provide a quick, easy means of operation. Optional features include a static eliminator, a transformer, a spare parts kit, a pin perforator assembly, a trim break detection eye, and much more. If you need a quality machine built to meet customer demands, the 201 pouch pack-SF is the perfect solution.

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