501 SF Vertical L Bar Sealer

The Model 501 Vertical L-Bar seal is one of the larger models offered. This unit benefits customers with substantial film savings versus pre-made bags on a roll. Especially on cylindrical products and products that are longer than they are wide – products like stacks of cups, bolts of cloth, curtain rods, etc. The easy open perforator on the 501-SF vertical L bar sealer ensures quick, simple use. Optional features include a bag release for lightweight product, a servo film feed, a trim break detection eye, and a pin perforator assembly. In addition, jaw guards, tent style hole punches, oblong hole punches, and powered film cradles are available. When you have the 501-SF vertical L bar sealer, you receive easy changeover, an infeed system that is easily interfaced, and a versatile packager for large products. The 501-SF incorporates a trim wind up and a light screen cycling mechanism and perimeter interlocked guarding.

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