AIRplus Excel

High volume packers will appreciate the small footprint and flexibility of the AIRplus Excel. Increase efficiency by adding the portable stand that holds up to 3 rolls of film for non-stop production or an AIRplus Excelerator that automatically replenishes your AIRplus pillow supply. Create air pillows on-demand or in batches and feed them to packing stations through a custom designed integrated dispensing system.


  • Compact devices with conventional plugs for easy location changes
  • Saves electricity: Energy-efficient operation
  • Flexible Integration: One device supplies multiple packing areas or services a single work station
  • Versatile designs with the ability to run multiple film configuration
  • Always ready to go: No loss of cushion after start/stop
  • Variable controls for air filling and operation speed
  • Self-explanatory: Intuitive operating system
  • Quickly refilled: Easily change film rolls

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