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Cushioning Materials

NEUTECH Packaging Systems proudly offers a wide range of cushioning materials from STOROpack, Polyair & Pregis.

Correctly packaging fragile materials is as much an art as a science, and that is why NEUTECH Packaging Systems offers an extensive range of cushioning solutions. NEUTECH Packaging Systems can provide many options for your fragile goods, including bubble wrap, foam, and other cushioning materials. Below you will find a quick overview of some of the cushioning materials NEUTECH Packaging Systems offers.

STOROpack AIRplus Materials


AIRplus® CX film: Advantages of multiple layers
The AIRplus® CX Film surface blends soft and pliable qualities with a slip-resitant outerlayer that will easily hold your product in place. The middle layer ensures the good mechanical properties of the film and its high elasticity. The inner layers provide a good seal and support the air cushion resistant to sharp corners and edges so it´s not easily punctured. AIRplus® CX film is transparent and allows a clear view of the articles in the package.

AIRplus® ESD film: Antistatic for electronic components
Since 2011, AIRplus® ESD has provided quality film for the protective packaging of electronic components. The plastic is statically conductive, which means it prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD). AIRplus® ESD meets the requirements of DIN EN 61340-5-1.

AIRplus® BIO film: Truly uncompromising
Storopack has offered a film type from compostable plastic since 2008 with AIRplus® BIO. The raw material is a plastic compound based on polylactic acid (PLA) with copolyester. Storopack has developed this material that uses renewable raw materials out of conviction and due to the company values. Storopack rejects environmentally harmful oxo-degradable plastics that claim to be "biologically degradable" as well as other adaptations that give themselves a "bio" seal of approval, but as "green washing" do not really improve the environmental balance. The ability to compost AIRplus® Bio film is certified according to ASTM 6400 and the European norm DIN EN 13432.

STOROpack PAPERplus Materials


When the PAPERplus® Classic paper pads are made from Classic paper, they will achieve maximum density. This resilience is also suitable for very heavy objects. When Classic GE paper is used for the production of PAPERplus® Classic paper pads, less material is used for the same amount of volume. This protective packaging is suitable for medium to heavy packaged goods. The reduced material requirements of PAPERplus® Classic paper pads made from Classic GE provides an economical solution for filling of voids around heavy items.

Polyair Cushioning Materials


NEUTECH is proud to supply Polyair cushioning materials. With their unmatched flexibility and strong burst strength, Durabubble products provide cost effective packaging bubble for superior wrapping, cushioning and surface protection. Whether you're packaging fine china, electronics or furniture, Durabubble products extend to maintain maximum product protection regardless of the conditions.

Pregis Cushioning Materials


NEUTECH is proud to supply PolyPlank® closed-cell polyethylene (PE) plank foam from Pregis. This foam is easy to fabricate, and is both resilient and non-abrasive. PE plank foam provides excellent shock and vibration protection during product transport thus serving as an excellent form of foam packaging.

PolyPlank PE foam is also water resistant and has good flotation properties for recreational and sporting foam packaging applications as well as good insulation plank foam properties where required.

Clean, nonabrasive material properties provides superb surface protection–no scratching or marring.
Maximum shock absorption and vibration dampening for excellent cushioning and blocking and bracing.
Uniform product with uncompromised dimensional stability is easy to fabricate into a wide range of shapes, forms, and die-cuts.

Standard sizes are 48” x 108” and 24” x 108” but it is available in varying lengths, densities and thicknesses for precise protection for each application need.

Bogus Papers


Bogus paper is a multi-purpose, recycled paper that provides excellent absorbency at a lighter weight, and tears easily.

NEUTECH is proud to supply a wide range of bogus papers in a wide variety of roll sizes.

NEUTECH carries an extensive variety of cushioning materials.

NEUTECH carries an extensive
variety of cushioning materials.

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