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Novopac Model VF WR
Wrap-Around Case-Packers

This series is composed of compact wrap-around case packers suitable to pack full cases (shippers), display cases, display tray and bottom trays. Equipped with a flexible collating system.

On request, the line can be designed to allow a manual or automatic insertion of a partition. The machines can be combined with Film shrink-wrapping machines.

All lines have a cardboard magazine with storage capacity suitable for the required speed and with easy loading during the normal machine operation without machine stop.

Built according to the strict EC standards.


Our Novopac case packer has sky-rocketed productivity and streamlined operations. Thanks to Dave and NEUTECH for setting us up with this game-changer!

- NEUTECH customer since 2021

Holland case packers
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NEUTECH is proud to offer a wide range of case packing equipment from Holland Packaging.

VF 50 WR/VF 100 WR

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