L18 auto L-sealer + VT122248 shrink tunnel

Arpac L18 auto L-sealer + VT122248 shrink tunnel

The ARPAC L-SERIES Automatic L-Sealer offers you the latest in shrink packaging technology, featuring a proprietary design that provides fast, user-friendly and reliable operation. Developed by Hanagata and ARPAC, pioneers in automatic L-Sealer technology, the flexible ARPAC L-SERIES is guaranteed to provide you with high quality packaging for retail display. This exclusive distribution partnership brings Hanagata's packaging innovations to North America with US based service and support.

Mode of Operation
The product is automatically or manually loaded onto the infeed conveyor of the wrapper. The conveyor belt moves the product into the tube of film formed by the film former. A guide located at the back side of the infeed conveyor guides the product as it travels through the film former. The machine detects the product and starts the powered film unwind feeding film. This eliminates any film tension against the product.
The product in the film tube then continues into the L-seal area. When the product clears the seal bars the discharge conveyor stops and the seal bars close, sealing and cutting the film around the product. If another product enters the infeed conveyor and the seal bars are closed the infeed conveyor will stop just before the product contacts the seal bar. After the seal dwell timer times out the seal bars open, the infeed conveyor restarts if it had stopped and the discharge conveyor restarts transferring the product sealed in film onto the customers conveyor or an optional tunnel conveyor belt. The scrap film created by the side seal is taken up by a film rewind system located under the discharge conveyor.

CoPilot 500

Squid Ink’s CoPilot 500 printing system is designed to print superior quality hi-resolution characters with up to 2.8” of print height per printhead and the ability to run up to 2 printheads from one controller, the CoPilot 500 offers a versatile, yet cost effective solution for your coding and marking applications.

  • Run up to two 2.8″ print heads from a single controller
  • Print up to 2.8″ of hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great looking logos at 185 dpi per print head
  • CoPilot’s 4.3″ full color touchscreen provides access to the system’s internal messages and print functions
  • Compatible with Squid Ink’s easy-to-use Orion™ message creation PC software

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Stretch Wrapper Ready to Demo!

Stretch Wrapper Ready to Demo!

NEUTECH Packaging Systems now has the Arpac PRO-ELITE Semi-Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine in stock and ready to demo for interested customers!


  • 5.7" Easy to Use Color HMI
  • Electronic Film Feed Drive
  • Belt Carriage Lift System
  • Unique Carriage Slide System
  • Adjustable Top and Bottom Wrap Counts

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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

NEUTECH Packaging Systems proudly offers the Turnova™  line of safety sleeves
from First State Manufacturing.

Nobody expects a right hook from a turnstile or other exposed metal bar, but it’s happened.
Use the Turnova™  safety sleeve to avoid the pain and embarrassment of your employees or customers hurting themselves.


  • Easy-grip padding
  • Anti-microbial covering comes in your choice of colors
  • Made of long-lasting, industrial strength fabric
  • Fully customizable with regard to size, color, and corporate or team logo

More information can be found at theturnova.com.

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NEUTECH is proud to offer Sealed Air Opti® line of shrink films

Sealed Air Opti® Shrink Films

NEUTECH Packaging Systems is proud to offer Sealed Air Opti® line of shrink films. Both Opti® NXG (All-purpose) & Opti® NXS (Soft Finesse) incorporate Sealed Air Corporation’s patented microlayer technology. Micro-layering provides significant source reduction without compromising performance.
Notable features of Sealed Air Opti®:

  • Thinner film = less heat to shrink
  • Tight shrink appearance eliminates unsightly dog ears
  • Easily recycled
  • Reduced cores



Flexibility and Efficiency for All your Stretch Wrapping Needs!

Flexibility and Efficiency for All your Stretch Wrapping Needs!


Robot S6 HD Stretch Wrapper

  • Variable Pre-Stretch
  • Pro-Active Corner Compensation
  • Multi- Level Containment Force
  • Strategic Film Placement
  • Six Wrapping Menus

The new Robot S6 wrapping machine is the ideal solution for manufacturers that need maximum flexibility with a minimal footprint on the production floor. The Robot S6 provides the latest in technical innovation with an easy to understand control panel interface.

The new control panel on the S6 allows you to create and store programs quickly and easily. The 7” touch screen is the most intuitive and innovative Control Panel available. Program and store up to 6 programs specially designed for the variance in your products. Operators simply select the program number for their load type and push start.



Maximize Productivity with PACK POINT!



  • Reduce Labor and Operating Costs
  • Increase Efficiency and Throughput
  • Eliminate Ergonomic Risk Factors

NEUTECH Packaging Systems offers PackPoint by Little David, one of the industry’s only complete packaging systems that allows you to form, pick and pack, seal, print and label your products.

These stations combine a case erector, primary product delivery, pick and pack hand packing station, case sealer and optional printer and/or labeler. This takes 5 job functions and puts them into one compact unit.

Packaging lines change, as does your business. Existing integrated systems on the market are one solid structure and can’t be broken apart. PackPoint is the only system made up of separate fully functional pieces. This gives you the flexibility to add, remove or interchange with other Loveshaw equipment to fit your needs.

When a full automation station may not be practical, this is a more efficient way to process materials than doing it by hand. This is optimal when visual inspection of your product station is required.

Available in both Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic versions.

Improve your Packaging Line with the ShurSEAL Solution!

Improve your Packaging Line with the ShurSEAL Solution!

Packaging issues along the supply chain, such as boxes opening in transit, pilferage, and product damage due to knife cuts, can affect your bottom line and your reputation. However, selecting the right packaging solutions based on your packaging needs and environment can help protect your product with secure seals every time.

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Reduce Your Pallet Load Costs!

Reduce Your Pallet Load Costs!

Are you ready to reduce your cost of stretch wrapping pallet loads? We specialize in the latest in packaging equipment and the new innovative films that can reduce the cost of each and every pallet load shipped. One of the best options presently available is the Wulftec SMLCA-277, which provides both labor and material savings.

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Go Green With Smart Karton!

Go Green With Smart Karton!

Want to “Go Green” ? Let us show you how Smart Karton can reduce your overall packaging cost through innovative packaging designs. Eliminate waste, eliminate inventory and provide your customers with a clean package without all of the extra void fill that is thrown into landfills.

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