CE70 Case Erector

The Pearson CE70 family of Case Erectors represents the state-of-the art in high speed case erecting using all servo motion control and unique servo linear motor compression ram. Resulting in unparalleled output and performance.

  • Speed: Up to 70 cases/min & Servo motion, real-time, on demand speed adjustments
  • Case Size Range (in): L 10-19 | W 5-16 | H 5-12.5
  • Sealing: Hot melt glue & Cold glue
  • Controls: Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC/PanelView Color HMI
  • Changeovers: Fast-supported by scales, pointers, quick release handles/HMI Graphical Guided Instructions
  • Standards: PackML compliant/UL listed control panel
  • Construction: Heavy duty welded tubular frame/Mild steel
  • Machine Size Range (ft): L 23-28 | W 8-9 | H 8
  • Key Differentiators: Dual opposed case erecting — Positive case selection/transfer — Tolerant of knock-down case variances — Servo-controlled major motions — Real-time, on demand speed adjustments — Linear motor compression ram

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