NEUTECH Packaging Systems continues with normal business hours.

NEUTECH Packaging Systems wants to assure everyone that we are doing everything we can to keep our employees and customers safe from this awful COVID-19 virus. NEUTECH Packaging Systems has a security system where only employees can enter and exit with a security badge. At this time no outside non employees are allowed to enter the building. Freight drivers are required to stay in their cab as their trucks are loaded and unloaded.

Every morning our staff cleans all surfaces that multiple employees may touch throughout the day.

Our delivery driver at NEUTECH does the same when making deliveries. He stays in the cab of our delivery truck while our truck is being unloaded or loaded. He carries hand sanitizer in the cab so if any paperwork is exchanged after delivery or pick up he is able to disinfect his hands.

We as a company felt this was important to share as we all fight through this tough time. NEUTECH Packaging Systems is considered an essential vendor due to the fact we supply to the food industry, government, military contractors. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at 877-655-5454.

Please stay healthy and well.


Dave Neuer