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Pregis Airspeed HC Versa Bubble Wrap Machine

Deliver a wow-factor during the unboxing experience with hybrid cushioning produced by the HC Versa system. The hybrid cushioning's proprietary pattern of square pillows, colloquially known as bubble wrap, reduces material consumption, provides superior protection and a pleasing aesthetic look preferred by consumers. This compact, user-friendly hybrid cushioning system offers a variety of cushion patterns and sizes that will protect your products and enhance your customer experience.


Who knew bubble wrap could take up so much space? Before working with NEUTECH, we were using our entire second story mezzanine as bubble wrap storage! With the Pregis Versa we can now make bubble wrap on demand. A faster and easier process, and we got our mezzanine back. Thanks Dave!

- NEUTECH customer since 2018


NEUTECH is proud to offer a wide range of cushioning equipment from Pregis & Storopak.

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