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Microjet HRP 1/2" Thermal Jet Printers

This compact and rugged HRP cartridge-based printer is the first in a series of industrial-grade, high-resolution thermal jet printers and inkjet coding systems by Little David. The MicroJet HRP 1/2" is designed for one and two line marking/coding applications where ease of operation and quality of print is crucial.
The unit is constructed of a sealed, industrial-grade housing with stainless steel faceplate and built-in photo sensors to detect product speed and direction. Changing ink is easier than ever, simply lift the cover of the printhead and find a disposable Loveshaw ink cartridge that is simple to snap-in and snap-out.


What a timesaver! We were hand-stenciling information onto the sides of our cartons. With NEUTECH's help we switched to the Loveshaw Microjet. Now we inkjet code our cartons automatically on the conveyor and sped up our process by 50%. Best money we ever spent!

- NEUTECH customer since 2003

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NEUTECH is proud to offer a wide range of inkjet coding equipment from Little David & Squid Ink.

Microjet HRP
Microjet II

CoPilot 128
CoPilot 256
CoPilot 500

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