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Quadrel Techline Labeling System

TechLine surpasses all equipment in its price range and is suitable for multi-shift operations where long-term reliability is important, especially for permanent labels.

This technically advanced front / back labeling system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of flat sided or oval containers. An optional third or fourth applicator may be added for front/back/neck applications or to provide non-stop zero downtime labeling. In addition, a wrap station may be added for round containers.

Production rates of up to 250 ppm are possible with the TechLine.


Our existing labeling system had a microprocessor control, which made it slow and hard to program. NEUTECH installed and configured a Quadrel Q 120 Techline with PLC controller which doubled our uptime and cut set up times in half!

- NEUTECH customer since 2003


NEUTECH's labeling equipment specialists are proud to offer a wide range of equipment from Quadrel Labeling Systems.


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