ROM Fusion Strapping Machine

The ROM Fusion delivers Mosca innovation and quality in a performance and price package that is appropriate for mid-level strapping needs. The walk-up, operator cycled strapping system is built around Mosca’s breakthrough DC brushless direct drive technology and features a combination of convenience, low-cost and reliability. The ROM Fusion features much of the same technology found in higher priced Mosca models.


  • Standard 3 Sealer for superior system performance and precise strap tension control at high speeds
  • Up to 50 cycles/minute via front or back footbar
  • Strap tension is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 50 Lbs. tension, the correct range for most bundling, box closing and mail tray strapping operations. The ROM includes Mosca’s “soft tension” capability when minimum tension is required.
  • Mosca’s “soft tension” capability when minimum tension is required
  • 180° degree pivoting control panel allows operator access from front, back and side
  • Rigid formed sheet metal construction with resilient powder coated finish and stainless steel table top
  • Single cabinet and two track sizes with three standard strap widths provide moderate versatility at minimum cost
  • Ergonomic front loading dispenser for fast coil change, operator safety and small footprint
  • Hinged, removable tabletop for fast, convenient access to the sealer area for cleaning or troubleshooting

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