Smart Karton

NEUTECH Packaging Systems proudly offers the custom packing system
developed by Smart Karton.

Smart Karton is a patented innovative packaging process that can revolutionize the way you handle, pack and ship products. This process has created substantial cost savings while providing users with many other opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of their business. Smart Karton’s team will work to provide the customer with the total turnkey engineered solution to their distribution and packaging problems.
The basic Smart Karton is a one piece design that has been developed to replace current packaging processes that incorporate standard brown boxes using air pillows, peanuts, paper, form in place or any other type of void fill. It is used to package all types of products, from books to fashion items, and has been designed to streamline the distribution process.

  • Eliminates costly void fill
  • Reduces shipping needs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces damages
  • Consolidates box size and save on shipping
  • Increases package security

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Don't see the precise model you're looking for?

Don't see the precise model
you're looking for?

Call NEUTECH today at 877-655-5454
and we'll help you find what you need.