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NEUTECH is an independent packaging solutions provider and consultant. When you work with us, we take over the complexities of researching, comparing, procuring, implementing and managing your packaging equipment and materials needs. This leaves you free to give all your attention to simply producing the best product possible.

NEUTECH's team then works with our extensive network of packaging equipment and material providers to deliver the unique packaging solution your business requires.

Our services include consulting, analysis and reports on cost savings, equipment and material implementation, leasing, warehousing, customized inventory reports and continuous customer support.

You know your product.

We know how to package your product.


After working in the printing and packaging industry since 1988, I started NEUTECH Packaging Systems in 2003 because I felt a strong need for customers to truly understand the packaging and equipment they were purchasing.

In so many cases I witnessed the wrong equipment and materials being used, costing customers a lot of money since they were not aware of alternatives.

I decided to start my own business to educate customers about new and innovative equipment and materials to drive down their packaging cost. My goal and our company's goal is to earn a customer for long term, not a quick sale.

I am proud to say many of our customers have been with me for 32+ years.


Are you ready to lower the overall costs to package and ship your products?
Then I'm ready for your call!

- Dave Neuer, President NEUTECH Packaging Systems

- Dave Neuer, President

NEUTECH Packaging Systems

A packaging solution is more than just equipment and materials. NEUTECH knows that the right answers take time. Time to identify your goals and to fully understand your current packaging process. And time to review all aspects of that process: material costs, labor, inventory space, freight, safety, environmental impact, waste, damage, and more.

Every solution starts with a phone call.

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