NEUTECH Packaging Systems is dedicated to using natural resources responsibly today,
so they are available for future generations tomorrow.

We help customers source the latest in environmentally-friendly packaging materials
to meet their green initiatives and lessen their impact on the planet.


More and more companies are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. We can provide sustainable packaging materials to help you get there.

- Dave Neuer, President NEUTECH Packaging Systems


Curby Recyclable Products

NEUTECH Packaging Systems is a proud supplier of the Curby line of curbside recyclable packaging.

To learn more, visit the Curby website.


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these environmentally-friendly manufacturers

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Below are some definitions you need to know when discussing the environmental benefits of sustainable paper packaging.

Below are some definitions you need to know
when discussing the environmental benefits of sustainable paper packaging.


Describes material capable of timely decomposition under natural conditions as a result of biological activity. Biodegradable materials can be broken down by microorganisms such as bacteria, enzymes, and fungi or other decomposers.


Defines a material susceptible to degradation by biological processes under natural conditions or in industrial composting facilities, yielding CO2, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a rate consistent with other known compostable materials and leaving no visible, distinguishable, or toxic residue.

Made with 30% post-consumer
recycled material

Indicates that at least 30% of the material in a product is made from material that has been recycled and has been diverted from home, office, retail store, or other similar waste streams.

Made from renewable resources

Refers to products that can be regenerated through natural ecological processes and management practices and replenished at a rate that matches or exceeds the rate of consumption.


Distinguishes material that still has useful physical or chemical properties after serving its original purpose and can, therefore, be re-manufactured into new products.


Signifies responsible use of resources to meet human needs in an economically viable manner, while preserving social well-being and the health of the natural environment so that future generations can meet their needs.