SX Continuous Roll Bagging System

The SX Continuous Roll Bagging System from Sharp Packaging Systems, takes the complexity out of hand loading operations, reduces set-up time to seconds, print unique information on the next bag out in one step, save time with quick changes for bags and ribbons.

  • Accommodates bags 2″ – 11″ wide and 4″ – 32″ long
  • 4″ print head for larger print area available on the bag
  • Cross flow fan channels high volume, low pressure ducted air for precise bag opening—No compressed air is required
  • All electric design, just plug in and use the SX™ absolutely anywhere
  • Optional adjustable load shelf for easy loading of bulky or heavy parts
  • Simple, fast bag changes
  • Auto-Rol™ tension system maintains consistent web flow, eliminates breakage
  • Clamshell design so it’s easier to thread the bags
  • Bag changes are fast, with touchscreen inputs

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