Taping Equipment & Materials

Taping Equipment

NEUTECH Packaging Systems proudly offers a wide range of case & carton sealers, case tapers and taping equipment from Loveshaw & Pearson Packaging Systems.

No matter the box, case or carton, NEUTECH has the right sealing solution for your production needs.

What follows is a selection of our best-selling models.

Taping Materials

Shurtape HP Series Carton Sealing Tapes


One high performance tape, five different strengths. Our packaging tapes have the highest shear strength in the industry. Even in the most demanding environments, our purpose built tapes are proven to seal, stick and hold.

Shurtape AP Series Carton Sealing Tapes


Our light to heavy duty carton sealing tapes are well suited for a wide range of temperatures. These emulsion acrylic tapes are UV resistant, non-yellowing, low order and printable.

Shurtape WP Series Carton Sealing Tapes


Our general purpose reinforced paper tapes are second to none. Starch based water activated adhesive provides an instant, aggressive bond to most corrugated surfaces. Fiberglass reinforcing filaments provide excellent tensile strength and optimum security for light duty packaging applications.

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Don't see the precise tape
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